Plugin bypass function not working in DAW since 5.9.2 update

Plugin bypass function in DAW not working correctly for the SoundID Reference plugin since the 5.9.2 version update. This guide features a workaround and the coming bug-fix status updates. 


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Status: known issue 
Issue reported: Feb 26, 2024
Resolution date/version: TBD


Plugin bypass function not working in DAW

We are aware of an issue where the bypass function in DAW is not working for the SoundID Reference plugin since version 5.9.2, and thus the render-bypass workflow is affected.


Disabling the plugin in the DAW channel strip (hard-bypass) takes no effect and the calibration is still active unless the plugin is completely removed, although the green Calibration button within the plugin still works. The Sonarworks Development team is working on a fix.


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In the meantime, as a workaround, we recommend reverting to the previous 5.9.1 version of the software by following the instructions below:

  1. Make sure to back up your speaker profiles: Where can I find my speaker profile?
  2. Fully uninstall the current SoundID Reference version you have installed, see our guides:
    For macOS: How to uninstall SoundID Reference? [MAC]
    For Windows: How to uninstall SoundID Reference? [WIN]
  3. Download the 5.9.1 installer from the Google Drive link below and proceed with the installation as guided:


Contact support

If you encounter this issue, please submit a support request below with the following information included:

  • Operating system and the OS version number
  • DAW name and version number
  • The affected plugin format (AU, AAX, VST, VST3) 
  • Sonarworks log files: Locating SoundID Reference log files

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Nightmare… I had clients running spots on-air with a freaking calibration curve applied. I've had to go back to them to fall on my sword and apologize. A really bad look that I hope won't cost us business. At the very least, you should have emailed an urgent warning to all users immediately upon learning of this issue.


This is insane.  I find it unbelievable that you haven't sent an email round warning people of this.  Like the user above Ive sent mixes off to clients with the EQ curve on, and as of writing this I'm not sure if it's too late to rectify mixes already sent out.  Only after spotting this am I seeing the buried on this page.  Why on earth didn't you send an email out about this?? People are using this in professional environments.  How are we supposed to trust any further updates from you goig forward if you can't do the right thing and warn people of a catastrophic malfunction 2 weeks after it's been flagged?



Thanks for reaching out! So sorry to hear you're experiencing the plugin bypass issue following the 5.9.2 update.

We understand the inconvenience and are looking into it. This issue appears to impact a small portion of users though, so we're currently addressing it publicly via our Help Center content and other solutions. There is always a list of bugs and issues present in various stages of fix development, and direct messaging to mostly unaffected users would likely cause more distress than do good.

However, your input is valid, and we've forwarded it for consideration regarding an email update. For those facing this issue, please submit a support request to help us address it faster. For immediate workarounds, we recommend checking the instructions in this guide above. 


This is an unacceptable failure by your company. I have been working on a project with headphones, believing my speaker profile was Bypassed. Due to your incompetence, I just lost a week's worth of work.  I have lost all confidence in your company!

Mac OS12.7

Pro Tools 2023.09


Is it fixed in the latest version?


It's not fixed. Best to stick with 5.91 for now



The plugin bypass function not working has not yet been addressed in the latest 5.10.0 update of SoundID Reference. We will make sure to update this article when a fix is available. As mentioned by damjan.mravunac, we recommend installing the 5.9.1 version for now while we work on resolving the issue, see the revert steps here: Workaround

Thank you for your patience. 


Um, no.  Sonarworks should have let people know - I'm part of that ‘small population’ of people with screwed up projects for other people.  If it didn't affect a user, they would delete the message like the 100 other unnecesary emails people get in a week.  Finding this out after dissecting my signal chain from front to back and getting nowhere after hours of work puts me on the wrong side of your fanbase now.


sdklemm couldn’t agree more. Really, really poor handling of this situation. When your customers are professionals, you’d better hold yourself to impeccable standards of communication when a crisis emerges that directly affects their work.


…and still no email to warn others who haven’t spotted the problem yet.  Clearly they don’t care about their existing users.  I’m moving over to a dsp speaker alternative as soon as I can afford to.  


Are there any alternatives to SoundID that could replace both the plugin and systemwide options?




I borrowed ARC Studio 4 with hw external processor unit, but short A/B made me stay on Sound ID. I need to do more tests in the future when I can borrow the device again.


After watching reviews online, I have just ordered ARC4 Studio. I have been using SW for years, but since M1 and UA incompatibility, unresolved bugs and now the lack of support and communication with the bypass issues, I decided to jump ship. Not happy.



I honestly suspect the reason they’ve buried this error is through the fear people would make this jump.  Thing is I tend to stick with what works as I don’t have time for troubleshooting when working on jobs.  I also have loyalty for companies like RME who look after their customers and provide rock solid updates with clear communication.  If Sonarworks had held their hands up and flagged the fault I could have forgiven that.  Now I see no reason not to investigate a more stable solution.  


Peter Duffy agreed. As the saying goes “the coverup is worse than the crime”.


Y'all have known about this for over a month and still no email? Unbelievable… 

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