Cubase freeze with the VST3 plugin

If Cubase, Nuendo, or WaveLab is freezing or becoming unresponsive with the SoundID Reference VST3 plugin, this guide details the issue and provides a workaround.


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Known issue
Issue reported: Nov 29, 2023
Article updated: Feb 05, 2024


Cubase/Nuendo/Wavelab freeze with VST3 plugin

Starting the SoundID Reference 5.7 update, there have been reports of Cubase, Nuendo, and Wavelab (Steinberg products) freezing and becoming unresponsive in certain scenarios where the sample rate is changed (upon launching DAW, opening a secondary project, or upon rendering, or manually changing sample rate, etc.).


The problem is observed only when the SoundID Reference plugin (specifically the VST3 format) is loaded in the project, and mostly Windows machines are affected. The affected users would have to force-quit the project as a result. The Sonarworks development team is looking into this issue. 



Collecting minidumps for a frozen app (freeze logs)

To further our investigation, it would be helpful to send over the Windows Minidump of Cubase in its frozen state. Follow these steps to collect freeze logs: Minidump in case of a software freeze [WIN]




If this issue is present and severely affects the workflow, we recommend using the VST2 plugin in DAW instead, while we work on fixing the issue. 


Workaround Reverting back to the 5.6.1 version

If using the VST2 is not a viable option, we recommend reverting back to this previous version: 


  1. Back up your speaker profiles: Where can I find my speaker profile?
  2. Uninstall the current version as shown here:
    How to uninstall SoundID Reference? [MAC]
    For macOS users: Delete the HAL driver file from this location:
    Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL/SoundID Reference.driver
    How to uninstall SoundID Reference? [WIN]
  3. Download and install version 5.6.1 here:

    macOS: SoundID Reference
    Windows: SoundID Reference

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The same problem also happens on Mac OS Monterey.


Hi denidrummer, thanks for your comment, sorry to hear this issue is present for you as well.

We have received reports of the issue being present on Windows as well as macOS systems. I will open up a support request on your behalf, so we can link your case to the development task on our end. 


Im having trouble as well and somehow vst2 version didnt show up in cubase. 
I have reinstalled and checked the vstplugins folder does have the vst2 plugin in it but somehow cubase didnt detect it.

I renamed the vst3 version extension and now cubase can detect the vst2 version. 
Any update on the issue?


Hi Ahmad Huzaini Saharuddin, thanks for reaching out, sorry to hear you're encountering this issue. At the moment, we don't yet have an ETA for the fix. I will open up a support request on your behalf, so we can link your ticket to the development task and gather more details. 

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