No test tone during channel assignment in DAW plugin for Multichannel

If no test tone is present during calibration curve assignment for multichannel profiles in the SoundID Reference DAW plugin, this guide provides a workaround to resolve the issue.

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No test tone when verifying Calibration curve assignment

When first loading the Multichannel version of the plugin in Pro Tools exclusively it may be that the test tone is not working e.g. not being heard. This happens in the curve assignment section of our plugin. This is expected behavior in this DAW and below you can see how to address this with a workaround





There is an easy way to resolve this, while we work on fixing the issue. Follow the below steps. 

  1. Minimize the plugin
  2. Playback the project in Pro Tools
  3. Pause the playback
  4. Return to the plugin and open Curve assignment
  5. Click on the test tone - it will now be heard

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