[MAC] Low volume in the SoundID Reference standalone app

If SoundID Reference standalone app has a lower volume than set and the "Adjust output device gain" feature is not working, this guide provides more details on the issue and workarounds.


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Known issue
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Article updated: Dec 08, 2023


"Adjust output device gain" not working

With the "Adjust output device gain" setting enabled in the SoundID Reference standalone app, adjusting the gain level does not adjust the volume of the built-in output itself. The volume remains lowered, in some cases nearly inaudible. This issue has been present for some since SoundID Reference version 5.7.3. Our developers are looking into it. 


image (9).png


Known workarounds

There are two known workarounds for this:

1. Manually adjust the volume:

  • In SoundID Reference Preferences, disable "Adjust output device gain"
  • Open Audio/MIDI
  • Drag the volume slider for the output manually to the desired level

NOTE! There may be a volume jump upon switching output device in this case, so be cautious. 

2. Revert to a previous version: Current software issues - how to revert back to a previous version

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