[WIN] "SoundID Reference has stopped working" crash

When SoundID Reference crashes and shows a "SoundID Reference has stopped working" message, this article will help you report and resolve it. 


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Known issue 
Article updated: Apr 16, 2024
Resolution date/version: TBD


"SoundID Reference has stopped working"

Some people encounter an issue where SoundID Reference crashes and an error message appears stating "SoundID Reference has stopped working". Our developers are aware and looking into it. 





When this occurs, the best is to do a full uninstall and clean reinstall. For this, follow the steps outlined here: 

  1. Fully uninstall SoundID Reference: [WIN] How to uninstall SoundID Reference
    Note: Make sure to back up your speaker profile
  2. Follow the Microsoft Visual Library C++ reinstall steps
  3. Reinstall the software from our Download Center

Afterward, this message should not show up and SoundID Reference will launch correctly. 


Microsoft Visual Library C++ reinstall

The issue can be related to the Visual Library C++ Redistributable package that is installed on your computer. By default, the installer will detect the library or install it. An issue can occur when the library cannot be updated which forces the installed to end the process. To resolve the issue, follow the steps below:


  1. On Windows go to Settings > AppsInstalled apps
  2. Find Microsoft Visual Library C++ 2015-2022  Redistributable (x64/x86)
  3. Click on the three dots and uninstall both
  4. Reboot your computer
  5. Install SoundID Reference
  6. Reboot your computer


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