"Trouble recalling your settings" alert

This guide explains why SoundID Reference was unable to recall your previously saved settings and highlights a safety mechanism that can help recover your configuration file.


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Lost settings within the SoundID Reference standalone app

Upon launch of the SoundID Reference standalone app, it may happen that the configuration file can't be found or accessed. When this occurs, it presents itself with the settings being lost. Our developers have created a safety mechanism in our latest release, SoundID Reference version 5.7.3, with which it is possible to recover your settings. 




The backup mechanism

A backup folder within the Sonarworks folder has been created, where calibration profiles and the config file will be automatically saved. When needed, the settings will be restored from this location. This feature performs the following actions: 


  1. Creates the backup folder and saves the content upon quitting the app
  2. Upon software launch, it checks if the config file is missing
  3. If so, it offers a dialogue window to restore the config file 

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