SoundID Reference standalone app freezes [MAC]

Status: in development 
Resolution version: TBD, Expected release: TBD
Article updated: Nov. 08, 2023


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SoundID Reference freeze

There have been reports of the SoundID Reference standalone app freezing and not responding and the spinning color wheel keeps showing, while the UI stays unresponsive. The UI may show up, but sometimes only shows blank. All reports thus far seem to be regional-based, specifically, all affected users are based in China. We're aware of this issue and our developers are working on a fix. 





While we're working on a fix, we can recommend using the previous version, as this works as intended. Follow the steps here on how to reinstall the previous version: Issues with the latest 5.7 update - how to revert back to 5.6.1

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please fix this soon


Please make sure to solve this problem




Please fix it soon! A working standalone app is urgently needed.


I am experiencing this issue as well. Issue is not specific to China as I am based in Japan. 


Hi, thanks for your comments, very sorry to hear you are encountering this issue as well!

I've opened some support requests with you, so we can link your cases to the development report and notify you once we have any updates on the fix. 


Thank you!


Hi, why does this issue still happen in version 5.9???


 still happen in version 5.9。


Hi 2497545646 and pplppl888, thanks for your comments.

This issue has not yet been resolved in the latest version, thus it may still be encountered when updating to SoundID Reference version 5.9.0.

We recommend reverting to the version 5.6.1 if you encounter the issue: Workaround

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