[WIN] "Virtual ASIO service unavailable" error

If you encounter the "Virtual ASIO service unavailable" error in the standalone app, this guide details the issue and provides solutions to resolve it.


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Virtual ASIO service unavailable

When receiving this error message, it may be because of various reasons. Different software is taking exclusive access to the ASIO driver. There are additional ASIO drivers available which SoundID Reference is communicating with or the ASIO driver is not installed properly. 




Steps to resolve

  1. Blacklisting ASIO drivers in the SoundID Reference app
  2. Deleting the config file in SoundID Reference standalone app
  3. Uninstall and reinstall SoundID Reference. How to uninstall SoundID Reference (Windows)?
  4. Verify that Antivirus software is not holding the ASIO driver component in quarantine. Follow the instructions here to un-quarantine SonarworksDriverInterfaceServer.exe: Install/update fails as Antivirus quarantines driver [WIN]

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