[WIN] No sound or distorted output after computer sleep

If there is no sound present or the sound output is distorted after computer sleep with SoundID Reference standalone app running, this guide details common triggers and troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem.

Known issue 
Article updated: Aug 09, 2023
Resolution date/version: TBD


Power-saving state issue

When this issue occurs, it manifests itself as either the SoundID Reference Virtual Audio Device not being available or a choppy/distorted output when the computer has been woken up from the power-saving state (sleep mode). Our developers are currently looking into it. With this in mind, here are three workarounds that help in this scenario:


Restarting Playback Engine

  1. Open the SoundID Reference standalone app
  2. Navigate to your assigned audio interface in the Output Panel
  3. Click on '' (the three-dot menu) > Device settings
  4. Click on Restart playback engine


Relaunching the SoundID Reference app

  1. Click on the SoundID Reference tray icon (right-click for Windows)
  2. Select "Quit"
  3. Launch SoundID Reference

Using the WASAPI to ASIO driver

  1. The sleep-related issue was resolved in this driver type. Read here how to set it up: Setting up Virtual Windows audio to ASIO driver in the SoundID Reference app [WIN]

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I just noticed this today.  I think its worth mentioning that in my case it was not related to the windows machine going to sleep, but to the display being woken up from a sleep state. I checked this a few times. In my case, there are two monitors: one connected  by HDMI and one connected with DisplayPort.  I hope that is of some use. Feel free to reach out if you need anymore information that might help resolve this.

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