DAW crash with SoundID Reference plugin

If you're encountering a DAW crash with the SoundID Reference plugin, this guide covers various scenarios and workarounds to resolve the issue.

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DAW crashes (MAC/WIN)

If a crash is occurring when you're trying to either load an existing project with the SoundID Reference plugin or you're working on a new project and want to use the SoundID Reference plugin but both actions result in a DAW crash, please try the following:


Delete the plugin config file

  1. Delete the config file as shown here: Deleting the config file in SoundID Reference DAW plugin


Run DAW as administrator (WIN)

    1. Right-click on the DAW shortcut
    2. Select Run as administrator
    3. Load the plugin 


Change the Unicode settings (WIN)

  1. Setting > Time & language > Administrative language settings
  2. Change system locale
  3. Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support (enable/tick)




Reinstall an earlier version of SoundID Reference

  1. Follow the instructions on How to install / revert back to 5.2 legacy version

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