Debug Mode in the standalone app

Debug Mode in the standalone app currently is not available. In case you're encountering issues, collect and share regular software logs, and HAL logs for Mac devices.

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Debug mode feature

SoundID Reference Debug Mode feature is currently not available and is in development. The option can be found in SoundID Reference Preferences, but at the moment it will show up as disabled. We encourage users experiencing an issue with software to forward SoundID Reference logs instead.




HAL logging on macOS

On macOS, it's possible to run the HAL logging script attached to the article (below) that collects the same data. Here are the steps on how to run the script and collect the created logs: 


  1. Quit the SoundID Reference app fully: How to fully quit the SoundID Reference app?
  2. Download and extract the file, attached to this article below. Make sure not to move or delete this folder for the remaining steps
  3. Run the HAL Logger 'Installer' and follow the instructions. Note that you might be required to allow it System Settings: Security & Privacy > scroll down to Security > Open Anyway
  4. Open Activity Monitor and ensure the 'HALLoggerDaemon' process is running


  5. Go to the Sonarworks Logs directory and check for two new files created: HAL.log.gz and Setup.log
  6. Launch SoundID Reference and proceed with your regular workflow - playing local audio, browser playback, etc. Keep the logger running throughout several computer sleep and reboot cycles, until you notice the driver has gone missing again
  7. Return to the folder containing the HALLogger, and run the 'Uninstaller' file
  8. Collect the HAL.log.gz and Setup.log logs, and also the latest regular session logs - collect everything in the Sonarworks Logs directory and attach the files to your support request


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