[WIN] "There was an error opening the audio hardware" alert

If you encountered a "There was an error opening the audio hardware" message in the standalone app, this guide details the issue and provides troubleshooting tips to resolve it.


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There was an error opening the audio hardware

This error message pops up in case SoundID Reference was unable to communicate with the output device. This may have multiple causes, such as outdated audio drivers or firmware, as well as damaged cables or routing software installed that hijacks the output of the target audio interface. 





When this error message is encountered, there are a few things worth double-checking and trying out in order to fix the issue:

  • Install the latest audio drivers of your audio interface.
  • Update the firmware of the audio interface. 
  • Replace the USB cable.
  • Use a different USB port. 
  • In case multiple ASIO drivers have historically been installed on your machine, it may be worth Blacklisting ASIO drivers in the SoundID Reference app
  • Check if any audio software is installed that may occupy the output and uninstall them (ASIO4ALL, VoiceMeeter, etc.). If resolved, you can reinstall them one by one to find the culprit. 

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