[WIN] Install/update fails as Antivirus quarantines driver

If installation of SoundID Reference is failing on Windows, it may be related to the antivirus falsely holding our driver in quarantine. This guide provides steps on how to resolve this issue.


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Update not installed correctly / Installation failure




If the installation on Windows fails, this may be related to the Antivirus mistakenly holding our driver in quarantine. If this happens, it prevents installation or updates from completing, leaving SoundID Reference in the previous state - either not installed or on the previous version. After updating, it is recognized by still receiving the above message or receiving this error message; Virtual ASIO service unavailable [WIN]




Steps to resolve

We have investigated and concluded it is safe to proceed and ignore the Antivirus, which considers us as Malware. The below steps will enable you to proceed with the installation: 

  1. Find the below directory
    C:\Program Files\Sonarworks\SoundID Reference\Systemwide\VirtualASIO\SonarworksDriverInterfaceServer.exe
  2. Remove the file (or any other Sonarworks file) from quarantine: Example for Avast (scroll down to "Restore files from Quarantine")

Full software reinstall

The software can be uninstalled partially from Windows, however, some information/data is still available in the registry and other hidden directories. The guide below will help you with the process:

  1. Gather installation logs (MSI) and open them in text editor
  2. Look up the following mention: FindRelatedProducts
  3. Locate the Product ID. Example: {DBA8FE9E-CDE9-497E-84C3-E7C187B8EB54}

  4. Download and run Windows Troubleshooter
  5. Select Uninstall --> Not Listed --> Enter Product ID

  6. Wait for the troubleshooter to finish the task
  7. Reinstall SoundID Reference product

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