Installer fails with "Failed… Downloaded 0% of ?? MB”

When the SoundID Reference installer shows a "Failed… Downloaded 0% of ?? MB" error message, this article will help you report and resolve it. 


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Known issue 
Article updated: May 10, 2024
Resolution date/version: TBD


SoundID Reference installer fails

Some users, on both macOS and Windows, experience an issue where the installer states "Failed... Downloaded 0% of ?? MB". The message can only be clicked away and the software won't be installed. The problem is mostly present on macOS, although it is also possible on Windows.


The reason for the issue hasn't been identified yet, but it seems to be connected to the DNS (Domain Name System) servers used on the computer. The Sonarworks Development team is currently investigating it for a fix. Meanwhile, there are some workarounds available, see below. 


SIDR- Installer failed at 0%.png


Change your network DNS server

Alternative DNS servers can be quicker, and more reliable, and resolve issues when a connection cannot be established with a host or domain. As a solution, we suggest changing the DNS servers to Google DNS, this can help resolve the connectivity issues:



  1. Go to System SettingsNetworkWi-Fi
  2. Click on the Details button on your currently connected network
  3. Navigate to the DNS section - your IP address should be showing here
  4. Click on the '+' button, and enter this DNS addresses instead:
    • Preferred DNS:
    • Alternate DNS:
  5. Click on OK, and relaunch the SoundID Reference installer

macOS - Network settings.png

macOS - Network DNS settings.png



  1. Click Start and type in Settings
  2. Navigate to Network & internet > Advanced network settings
  3. Select your network adapter: Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  4. Click on View additional properties > DNS server assignment > Edit
    • Preferred DNS:
    • Alternate DNS:
  5. Click Save, and relaunch the SoundID Reference installer


Screenshot 2024-05-16 154654.png


Other workarounds

The issue seems to be network-related, changing some network settings can help:

  • Try switching to another network (mobile hotspot, tethering, different WIFI)
  • VPN/Proxy - if you have a VPN or Proxy active, consider temporarily disabling it for the download process (navigate to "Network & Internet" settings on Windows, "Network" preferences on macOS).
  • Install with this offline installer instead:

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