Unable to download SoundID Reference installer

If you're unable to download the SoundID Reference or the download is stuck, this guide covers  troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.


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If you are encountering some difficulty with downloading the SoundID Reference installer, this article will guide you on how to resolve potential issues causing the download failure.


SoundID Reference installer cannot be downloaded

Difficulty with downloading SoundID Reference installer might present itself as: 

  • Encountering an error page in your browser when attempting the download (e.g. "The site can't be reached" error);
  • Browser does not initiate a file download.


General troubleshooting tips

There are a few things you can check on your device to make sure that nothing is blocking the download on your side:

  1. Check whether downloads are not being blocked in your browser (Google Chrome guide, Mozilla Firefox guide);
  2. Clear your browser's cache and cookies (Google Chrome guide, Mozilla Firefox guide);
  3. Use another browser for the download process (Microsoft Edge or Safari);
  4. Connect to a different network - if available, connect to a different Wi-Fi network or even a mobile hotspot (Android guide, iOS guide);
  5. DNS - flush DNS (third-party Windows guide and macOS guide); 
  6. VPN/Proxy - if you have a VPN or Proxy active, consider temporarily disabling it for the download process (navigate to "Network & Internet" settings on Windows, "Network" preferences on macOS); 
  7. Antivirus/Firewall - if you have any Antivirus protection or Firewall active, consider whitelisting SoundID Reference and/or Sonarworks;
  8. Edit your hosts file, see our guide here: Editing the Hosts File

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Après avoir essayé toutes les solutions proposées, j'ai utilisé mon Smartphone pour me connecter et miracle, le téléchargement à fonctionné. J'ai pu récupérer le "SoundID Reference.exe" d'une taille de 2,97Mo et le copier sur mon ordinateur. Ensuite, depuis mon ordinateur j'ai exécuté le fichier qui a téléchargé le logiciel complet. Problème résolu.


English version :
After trying all the proposed solutions, I used my Smartphone to connect and miraculously, the download worked. I was able to recover the "SoundID Reference.exe" with a size of 2.97MB and copy it to my computer. Then from my computer I ran the file which downloaded the complete software. Problem solved.

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