Measurement top end is cut off on speakers with DSP processing

If you observe an issue where the top end is cut off in the speaker measurement results, this guide provides more details and steps to improve the measurement results. 

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Top end cut off

This article will address a known issue where the top end is cut off in the speaker measurement results. You might notice that at 15 kHz the frequency response is cut off. If the DSP processing is active/enabled the problem described may happen. This issue is present on both macOS and Windows machines. Follow the steps below to improve your speaker measurement results.




  1. Connect the measurement microphone directly to your interface
  2. Fully quit DAW or any other signal processing/audio production software
  3. Switch off any sub-delay or alternative/digital crossover features, and instead use  the subwoofers' original built-in crossover functionality
  4. Turn off or fully bypass any built-in DSP features in your speakers
  5. Inspect your system for any other additional DSP processing during the measurement stage, and turn it off

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