"It is taking too long to finish this step" warning in Measure

When encountering an "It is taking too long to finish this step" error message, this guide provides solutions and things to double-check on. 


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Microphone input gain adjustment takes too long

During the microphone input gain adjustment step of the Listening Spot phase, it can be that the software struggles to verify the microphone. An error message will then be shown, stating "It is taking too long to finish this step". 


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When encountering this error message, it is worth checking and trying the following: 

  • Try a different input - and select it in Measure (Change input channel);
  • Make sure +48v Phantom Power is enabled;
  • Make sure to use only one audio interface for both in- and output;
  • No other audio software is running in the background;
  • No DSP processing is utilized in the audio chain;
  • Verify that the sample rate matches between computer, SoundID Measure and audio interface (relaunch if changes were made);
  • No direct monitoring is applied to your mic input channel so that you don't hear mics signal coming out directly from the speakers (you shouldn't hear anything if you tap on the mic);
  • On macOS, give the Measure app access rights to your microphone (in Security and Privacy settings).


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