"High noise levels detected" warning during speaker measurement setup


If you get a 'High noise levels detected' warning when adjusting microphone sensitivity, please increase your speaker volume and decrease the microphone gain level on your audio interface. Please be careful when doing this as it is possible to damage your speakers if you turn up the volume too much.

Also, make sure that your microphone input is not routed directly to your speaker outputs (Direct monitoring) on your audio interface as this can cause feedback and interfere with the measuring process.

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I'm trying to measure my room with a Slate Digital VSR8 and using its inputs and outputs and it gives me the error "High noise levels detected" during the measurement. I have already measured my room with two different cards without problems which are the Icon Umix 1008 and the SPL Madicon and everything is fine. When I got the error on the VSR8 I recorded the input of the card with the measurement mic in the Spectralayers program to see if there was any noise that my ears hadn't picked up and the audio coming into the VSR8 is clean and correct. I don't know what the problem might be. Before the measurement I also turned off the other audio systems I have on my computer and it's still the same. Then I tried on another partition of my computer that has another windows and it gives me the same error. I hope you can help me with this. Greetings and thanks in advance.

Cristina Morquillas

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