[WIN] Collecting crash dump logs for the Measure app

If you're experiencing a Measure app crash or silent crash (app quitting unexpectedly without any error messages), collect and share crash dump logs for further investigation.


Collecting crash dump logs

    1. Download the CrashDumpTool.exe file attached at the ⬇ bottom of this article ⬇
    2. Run CrashDumpTool.exe file
    3. Click on the Browse button, navigate to the SoundID Reference app directory, select SoundID Reference.exe file, and click the Open button:

      C:\Program Files\Sonarworks\SoundID Reference\Measure\Reference Measure.exe
    4. Select the Full dump option in the Crash Dump Type dropdown menu
    5. Click on the Run button, and proceed with Measure until the app crashes
    6. Click on the Show button to open the crash dump file location


You can also navigate to the generated crash dumps directory manually:


C:\Users\your username\AppData\Local\Temp\CrashDumpTool


Compress the file to a zipped folder. Once done, send us a support request with the files attached. 

If the file size is too large to be attached, please upload it to a platform of your own preference and share the link in your support request! 



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