Dolby Atmos Music target mode

Perfect for immersive audio production, this target mode delivers sound that matches the Dolby tuning in the world’s best Atmos studios.

Dolby Atmos Target Mode

With the release of SoundID Reference for Multichannel in 2021, we introduced a new Target Mode - Dolby Atmos Music. This feature resembles the famous curve. This mode is added as a separate Target Mode and accommodates those who have a Dolby Atmos compatible setup. It's available in both the plugin and standalone app. 



When to use this feature

When selected, SoundID Reference calibrates audio to the Dolby Atmos Music curve target, tuning in the world’s best Atmos studios. End users that have a Dolby Atmos compatible setup and use immersive audio will want to use this mode primarily. Use this mode to move sounds in a 3D environment with better precision. This is a fixed Target Mode and won't allow for further adjustments, which is only possible in Custom Target.  

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