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Take advantage of the Custom Target mode to adjust the calibration profile to your professional needs, personal preferences, or other specific workflows. 


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Custom Target mode

The Custom Target feature in SoundID Reference enables you to modify your target curve. With options for Shelf, Bell, Q, Gain, and Freq. Range, it features everything you'd expect from a parametric EQ, and lets you tailor the calibration curve to your individual monitoring needs. This feature is available for both headphone and speaker calibration and functions identically in the standalone app and DAW plugin.

To access Custom Target, select an output preset, and navigate to Target modes > Custom Target


How does it work?

While you're in the Custom Target mode, filter values can be changed by either dragging the points or by manually turning the frequency/gain knobs to boost or cut specific frequencies. 

Multiple filters can be combined to create a custom EQ preset. The EQ presets can be renamed, duplicated, or deleted. If needed, you can adjust the frequency range affected. In this case, calibration will only be applied within the active freq. range:

  • Limit low and high freq. range calibration using the left/right sliders
  • Limit the mid-range calibration by flipping the active calibration zone (by pressing the invert logo at the top of the frequency curves window, when the curtains are selected)

The affected freq. range can be used in combination with the EQ adjustments. Using the left and right arrows in the Custom Target header allows for quick switching between the Custom presets you have created. 



Saving and sharing a Custom Target

With the release of version 5.7, it is now possible to save your Custom Target and transfer it to a different device. This way you can always retrieve it, open the exact same setting in both the standalone app/DAW plugin, or share your favorites with colleagues and friends: 


  1. Navigate to Custom Target > Custom Presets (˄)
    • Save this preset - rewrites an existing preset file
    • Save as a new preset... - creates a new preset file
  2. Name your file and choose a custom destination folder id needed
  3. Save the file - it will now show up in the Custom Presets list


NOTE:   Changes made to the Custom Target will not be saved automatically. If you made changes, save them before changing presets or quitting the app/plugin. Changes made will have to be saved to a new file. Currently, the existing file can not be overwritten. 


By default, the Custom Presets will be saved as .json files in these directories:


~/Library/Application Support/Sonarworks/SoundID Reference/Sonarworks Projects/Custom Target presets


C:\Users\your username\AppData\Local\Sonarworks\SoundID Reference\Sonarworks Projects/Custom Target pr




How to turn off Custom Target?

To turn off the Custom Target feature, simply switch back to Flat Target instead. Learn more about different target modes and how to switch between them here: Calibration target modes


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