Calibration target modes

Calibration Target Modes is a DSP feature that adjusts the frequency response target curve to suit your individual monitoring needs and helps you achieve the best mix translation for your target audience.


Target mode feature in SoundID Reference

In SoundID Reference we have introduced a Target Mode feature that allows the users to interact and switch between the following modes:


If you have an active options/customization panel simply click on the down arrow to close it and bring back the Target mode view.


Flat Target mode

Once you have selected your calibration profile Flat Target mode will become enabled. This is a default mode that enables SoundID SR (Studio Reference) experience. Learn more here: What is SoundID SR?


Dolby Atmos Music

When selected, SoundID Reference calibrates audio to the Dolby Atmos Music curve target. End users that have a Dolby Atmos compatible setup will want to use this mode primarily. Use this mode to move sounds in a 3D environment with better precision. This is a fixed Target Mode and won't allow for further adjustments, which is only possible in Custom Target. Learn more about this target mode here: Dolby Atmos Music target mode


Custom Target mode

Custom Target allows users to make custom adjustments to the target curve in real-time. Depending on your individual situation, there might be times when you want to make a slight adjustment to the flat target curve delivered by SoundID SR technology to add a little notch here or there. Learn more about the feature here: Custom Target mode


Translation Check mode

Translation check allows you to preview how your mix will sound on various playback devices. In the SoundID Reference Virtual Monitoring Add-On, 10 spatial simulations are now also available within the Translation Check. Learn more regarding this feature here: Translation Check


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