Measure app supported sample rates

SoundID Reference Measure app supports various sample rate settings when you are performing speaker measurements.


Why is there a specific sample rate requirement?

The sample rate is used to detect the microphone location, it does not affect the calibration results. 


Which are the supported sample rates in the SoundID Reference Measure app?

SoundID Reference Measure app now supports the following Sample Rates - 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88 kHz, 96 kHz, 192 kHz.

If you have set your interface to an unsupported sample rate, the Measure app will ask you to check the sample rate setting on your interface.


What is the benefit of additional supported sample rates?

Previously, only 44.1 kHz sample rate was supported for speaker measurements by SoundID Reference Measure. This may have limited some users to perform measurements on their speakers if their audio interface of choice was locked to a different sample rate. 

In addition, you can also now use a 3rd-party measurement microphone that may be locked to a specific sample rate that previously wasn't supported.


Am I getting a better speaker calibration with a higher sample rate?

No, the results of the calibration will be the same. This update provides a smoother experience as you won't have to switch your system between different sample rates to perform a speaker measurement. 


Can I change the sample rate once the speaker calibration was completed?

Yes, once you're done with the speaker measurement process simply change the sample rate of your audio interface depending on your needs.

For information on the speaker calibration process, take a look at our guides below:

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