Using a third-party microphone calibration file

If you're looking to use a third-party measurement microphone, this article explains how to convert the calibration file to be compatible with SoundID Reference. 

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Can I use a third-party microphone calibration file?

You can use a third-party microphone for the speaker measurement process and if the third-party microphone has a calibration file available. Remember though - only measurement microphones are to be used with SoundID Reference speaker calibration.


How to convert your microphone calibration file 

To use your own mic file, you will need to convert your calibration file so our measurement software can import it. Calibration files are usually supplied in formats like .cal or .txt

  1. Open up this file with any text editor and remove anything that is not the values for Frequency Response and Magnitude.
  2. You also don't need any title, description, and ending texts in your file, so make sure they are deleted.
  3. Once there are only the values for FR and Magnitude left, save this file as a .txt file and our measurement software will be able to read it.

Please make sure that you use periods instead of commas for the values of Frequency Response and Magnitude. 



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