What’s the difference between app presets and plugin presets?

Utilize the preset system in the SoundID Reference standalone app and DAW plugin to set up your calibration profiles and easily switch between the presets. 


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You can create presets in both the SoundID Reference standalone app and the DAW plugin. Create and use the presets to easily switch between complex configurations when you are using multiple output devices.

Presets in the SoundID Reference standalone app

You can assign multiple presets to a single output device if you have more than one headphone or speaker pair connected to your audio interface. This makes it easy to switch between your available outputs and create configurations for your systemwide audio. Any changes you make to the DSP settings of your presets (such as Filter Mode, Limit Controls, etc.) will be saved and remembered for the next time you connect your output device and engage the presets. 


Benefits of presets in the app:

  • Add your output devices and select driver types
  • Select your headphone or measured speaker calibration profiles to create multiple output presets
  • Individual DPS settings of your choice are saved in each preset
  • Switch between Flat target, Custom target, and Translation check modes
  • Rename the presets to your liking
  • Take advantage of MIDI mapping the presets 


Presets in the SoundID Reference DAW plugin

With the SoundID Reference 5.0.3. version, it is now possible to create presets in the SoundID Reference DAW plugin. You can add your headphone or speaker calibration profiles and assign your go-to DSP settings, which will be saved for the next time you use them. 


Benefits of presets in the plugin:

  • Create presets using headphone calibration profiles or your speaker profiles
  • Toggle between multiple presets and save them for further use
  • Individual DSP settings are automatically saved in each preset 
  • Preset settings are saved between various DAWs and plugin formats (VST, AU, etc.) on the same device
  • Rename the presets to your preference

For more details on how to set up presets in the DAW plugin, see our article here: Presets in SoundID Reference DAW plugin

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