Can I use SoundID Reference offline?

SoundID Reference does not have an offline mode and the license would have to be activated while connected to a network connection. Once you have completed the activation process, the software can be used for up to 10 days on an offline machine. 


Does it work offline?

We recommend using SoundID Reference on an online machine as the software runs an automated license check. As a result, it can be used for up to 10 days and the current activation license will expire. This means, that you will be required to access your Sonarworks Account and activate your SoundID Reference license again. The process will use activation seats, therefore, you will reach a deactivation limit eventually.


Things to look out for

There are several cases when SoundID Reference may request you to reactivate its license before the automated license check. Here are the most common reasons for the reactivation request:

  1. Clicking “Log out” will not change your license status, but you won’t be able to log in without a connection to the internet.
  2. Manipulations with your license information. If you move or delete license.json or user.json, SoundID Reference will deactivate your license. 
  3. Hardware Changes - if you add or remove a device, SoundID Reference will run a hardware check that will cause a license check and the reactivation request.
  4. A time-limited license (e.g. trials, special offers) will make SoundID Reference check for further activations once coming to an end.

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