Free trial for SoundID Reference

Get started with a fully functional free 21-day trial of SoundID Reference to take your mixes to the next level. 


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How to launch a free trial

To get started with SoundID Reference, first download and install the software on your computer. SoundID Reference online installer can be downloaded from here: Sonarworks

  1. Launch SoundID Reference app
  2. Register or login to your existing Sonarworks Account
  3. Select 'Start a free trial'


Virtual Monitoring Add-On trial

The SoundID Reference trial includes the base SoundID Reference features as well as the Virtual Monitoring add-on. Virtual Monitoring offers a spatial simulation of stereo studio speakers right on your headphones. To learn more about Virtual Monitoring, see our guide here: Virtual Monitoring Add-On for SoundID Reference.

Extending your trial

If your trial has ended and you haven't had enough time to evaluate the software during the initial trial time, you can extend your trial to extra 7 days and continue the evaluation before deciding on a purchase.

To get a trial extension login to your Sonarworks Account and press the "Extend trial" button next to your trial license. It will appear once the trial expires. You can repeat it once in 6 months.

trial extend.png


In case the button doesn't work or you have issues, provide all the details when submitting a support request


Offline activation - not supported

Offline activation is not available in SoundID Reference yet. However, it's possible to use SoundID Reference on an offline machine. Learn more: Using SoundID Reference offline

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