Shipping your headphones for Individual Headphone Calibration service

This guide highlights the process of shipping your headphones for individual calibration service to Sonarworks HQ.


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Sending your headphones for the individual calibration service

  1. Purchase the Individual Calibration Service here: single profile/multi-profile
  2. Pack your headphones and send them to our address (specified below) with your preferred shipping method
  3. Submit a support request to provide us with the shipping information listed below


Important! In order for the Sonarworks Logistics team to process and manage your shipment in a timely manner, please provide the following information about your shipment by submitting a support request:

  • Shipping documents - picture, PDF, or any other format
  • Tracking number and carrier details for your shipment
  • The model name of the headphones you're sending
  • Value of the shipment


Sonarworks headquarters shipping address

Sonarworks Ltd.
3 Smerla street,
Building No. 5
Riga, Latvia
Phone number: +371 26701260

It can be that you're asked for the Harmonized Tariff Code by customs. For headphones, this is 8518300090


Clearing customs for non-EU shipments

For non-EU headphone shipments, import customs clearance is necessary in order to receive the headphones at our headquarters. This process can take up to 5 business days, depending on the workload of the Latvian customs and carriers.

NOTE! Make sure you have sent in all the details listed above, in order for our team to be able to clear the customs process.

If you receive a notification that there was an attempted/failed delivery or if it is stuck at customs, please, know that our logistics specialist is working on it. If there will be additional information needed, we will get in touch with you!


Important to know before shipping your headphones

  • Due to official customs regulations, parcels that are delivered to Sonarworks from outside of the EU will be shipped back to the same address from which the parcel was sent. Meaning, the return shipping address for Individually calibrated headphones will be taken from your initial shipping documents and NOT the shipping address specified in the Sonarworks Store order details. 
  • When sending in headphones for individual calibration, it is important to make sure the ear pads are in mint condition; replacing them before sending is recommended. In our experience, it is not burn-in that causes a change in freq. response over time (as opposed to speakers, where burn-in is very important). Instead, worn ear pads are gradually affecting the sound. If your calibration is done on fresh ear pads, you will always be able to return to the original calibration performance simply by replacing them.

  • For rare and specific headphone types (electrostatic, vintage, dynamically adaptive environment tech, etc.), make sure to include all the necessary headphone amplifiers, custom cables, and anything else that is required for your specific model to work - we might not have those accessories in-house to work with.

  • Individual calibration service is NOT supported for earbuds and in-ear headphones. If you are unsure about the type of your headphones, please contact our support before purchasing the services.

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