Collecting crash reports on Windows

Crash reports can help our team investigate an issue if the SoundID Reference standalone app is crashing on your Windows device (or other SoundID Reference-related application crash, such as your DAW).


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SoundID Reference standalone app crash

If you are experiencing a SoundID Reference app crash or silent crash (app quitting unexpectedly without any error messages or other indications), the following steps on collecting and forwarding crash logs to us will help us with our investigation.


Automatic crash logs


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With the release of SoundID Reference version 5.7.3, a new feature has been implemented, which shows an action message in case of a crash of the SoundID Reference standalone app. When a crash occurs, follow these steps: 

  1. Click "Contact support" to create a support ticket
  2. Click "Save report"
  3. This saves the report and opens the directory for collection
  4. Attach the entire folder to the support request


Collecting crash dump logs

In case the automatic crash logs are not gathered, it will be useful to send over crash dump logs instead. Here is how to gather them: 

    1. Download the CrashDumpTool.exe file (attached at the bottom)
    2. Run CrashDumpTool.exe file
    3. Click on the Browse button, navigate to the SoundID Reference app directory, select SoundID Reference.exe file, and click the Open button:

      C:\Program Files\Sonarworks\SoundID Reference\Systemwide\SoundID Reference.exe
    4. Select the Full dump option in the Crash Dump Type dropdown menu 
    5. Click on the Run button, wait until the app crash
    6. Click on the Show button to open the crash dump file location





If the file size is too large to be attached, please compress the file to a zipped folder


Collecting Measure app crash dump logs

Follow the same steps as above, but select Measure app instead during step 3.


C:\Program Files\Sonarworks\SoundID Reference\Measure\Reference Measure.exe


Measure crash dump.png


Collecting third-party software crash dump logs

Also here goes that the same steps need to be taken as before, but select the crashed software instead during step 3. We can't read these third-party crash dump logs, however, you can send them to us. If we have a widespread issue with a certain software we'll collect these logs and reach out to the manufacturer. It's also possible to reach out to them directly with these logs for a potential resolution from their side. 


Regular log collection

It will also be helpful for our developers to receive the regular log files if the automatic crash log was not generated. Here is how to collect them: Locating the log files for SoundID Reference software.


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