SoundID Reference Beta software releases

This guide has up-to-date information on the SoundID Reference beta releases. For anyone new to the beta software releases, this article will explain the benefits and what should be expected. 


In this article:

  1. Currently available software releases
  2. Beta update releases - what to expect?
  3. Help us with your feedback!
  4. Beta install instructions


Currently available software releases

  • Current release version: (release notes)
  • Current Beta version: no Beta available


Beta update releases - what to expect?

Releasing Beta versions of SoundID Reference is one of the key aspects of the software update flow. Major software updates (and sometimes smaller ones too) require larger-scale testing before they are publically announced and pushed to the front of the installer.

Beta releases are not officially announced in our newsletters but they are publically available (install instructions below).


✔️ Pros: Cons:
Bug fixes Stability issues
New features Features removed/replaced
Functionality improvements Unexpected functionality changes 
Design improvements Lack of FAQ content


Apart from testing the performance of new features, functionality improvements, and user interface changes, Beta releases also contain a lot of bug fixes. Beta versions are also sometimes released to test fixes for separate software issues if they are significant. Changes implemented in Beta versions are NOT documented in release notes; they can only be found in our beta testing communities (more on that below).

Keep in mind that in Beta releases there is potential for unforeseen stability issues due to the changes we've made. Take that into consideration before you proceed with Beta. Reach out to our support team if you're experiencing serious issues. You can always revert back to previous stable versions - they are available on our download center


Help us with your feedback!

Beta releases are announced in various beta testing platforms and communities. In other words, they are not just passive testing tools - we are actually looking for user feedback and constructive criticism. This gives us a better idea of how the changes we're making are impacting our users and helps us assess the scale of any issues. If you are serious about beta testing and want to take part, please submit a support request to share your feedback and we'll proceed from there.


Beta install instructions

Beta releases are available in our SoundID Reference online installer (for both Windows and Mac), download here. Make sure you choose the Online version of the installer! 

  1. Launch the installer and click on Customize
  2. Click on the drop-down box and select the Beta version
  3. Click on the Install button to proceedBeta_version.png


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