[WIN] Collecting minidumps for frozen apps (freeze dumps)

In case DAW or another application freezes when SoundID Reference software is inserted or launched on your Windows device, collect and share Minidumps/Memory dumps for further investigation.


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Software freeze

Product issues can sometimes cause severe problems, such as applications crashing or freezing in various scenarios. Software freezes can be particularly troublesome - as the app hasn't fully crashed, no crash reports created.


There are, however, ways to collect the needed debug data for apps in the frozen state too. On Windows, this can be done with Microsoft's Process Explorer utility. This method can be used to collect minidumps for troubleshooting various issues:


  • SoundID Reference standalone app freezing and becoming unresponsive
  • SoundID Reference Measure app freezing and becoming unresponsive
  • DAW freezing in a certain scenario when the SoundID Reference plugin is loaded
  • Playback apps and platforms freezing with SoundID Reference app as output


NOTE! Minidumps are encrypted and readable by the software manufacturer only. Sonarworks can debug issues with minidumps created for Sonarworks apps specifically, we can't read minidumps of third-party software. If the support staff of the third-party software can be contacted and is responsive, chances are they can provide some input on the problem. 


Minidump freeze collection

Windows has a tool called File Explorer that enables you to collect dumps that show the cause of a software freeze. Here are the steps to take for collecting and sending over the Minidump.

  1. Download and extract the Process Explorer utility here: Microsoft downloads
  2. Run the procexp.exe file to launch Process Explorer
  3. Right-click on the frozen application
  4. Navigate to Create Dump > Create Minidump
  5. Save and compress the minidump to a ZIP archive, and attach it to your support request



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