SoundID Reference compatibility with Apple M-series devices



Is there native support for Apple M-Series silicon? 

Yes, native support for M-Series has been developed and got released on the 24th of May, 2022. All the SoundID Reference public versions starting 5.3.0 support M-Series silicon by default. The latest installer can be obtained from our Download Center.

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Is there an ETA yet? Performance of the systemwide app has been spotty at best, unusable at worst... and that's both on an M1 and an M1 Max machine.


Hi @Chris, thanks for your comment and I'm sorry to hear you are encountering some trouble with the software on your machine. 

Unfortunately, we don't have an ETA on M1 native support at the moment. However, I will open a support request on your behalf to check in closer about the issues you are encountering.


Hey Chris Bolte, hope you're doing well!

We have released M1 native support with our latest SoundID Reference beta version (v5.3.0.584). If you want to try it out, please follow the beta install instructions provided right here: SoundID Reference Beta software releases

Let us know how it goes after giving it a try! 


Thank you so much for the update! Trying that beta now. The previous release version has had issues where it would constantly struggle to initiate the playback engine and would sometimes cut out at random. Going back to the previous beta fixed that issue for me. I'll let you know if this Apple Silicon build has this issue as well.

Initial issues my comment was based on turned out to be a combination of Sonarworks and a failing Thunderbolt Dock.


Hi Chris, 

Thanks! I also followed up with you via a support request to check in with you about the beta :)

In addition, to clarify regarding the issues previously mentioned, while M1 native support is available starting with the latest beta (v5.3.0.584), the software still worked/works via Rosetta and encountered issues can have a different, unrelated cause (it's always best to contact our support in these cases, so we can investigate the situation closer and see what's going on). 

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