How long does it take to calibrate my headphones?

If you're sending in your headphones for individual calibration, this guide provides details on how long the calibration takes and things to consider before sending the headphones. 

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How long will the individual headphone calibration take?

Once we've received the headphones, normally it takes around 3-5 working days to perform the calibration measurements un the unit, and the return shipping takes 2-5 working days, depending on your location. Taking some peak time events into account (like, for example, bank holidays or sales promos in our store), the headphones should be back on their way to you within a maximum of 10 business days after we receive them (usually quicker).

You will receive your tracking number and any other important details once they have been dispatched for return shipping. The return shipping costs and customs fees are covered; our DHL international shipping service takes 2-5 business days to deliver.


Before sending your headphones

When sending in headphones for individual calibration, it is important to make sure the ear pads are in mint condition; replacing them before sending is recommended. In our experience, it is not burn-in that causes a change in freq. response over time (as opposed to speakers, where burn-in is very important). Instead, worn ear pads are gradually affecting the sound. If the calibration measurements are done on fresh ear pads, you will always be able to return to the original calibration performance simply by replacing them.

For rare and specific headphone types (electrostatic, vintage, dynamically adaptive environment tech, etc.), make sure to include all the necessary headphone amplifiers, custom cables, and anything else that is required for your specific model to work - we might not have those accessories in-house to work with.


Our shipping address:

Sonarworks Ltd.

3 Smerla Street

Building No. 5

Riga, Latvia


Phone number to mention in the return address line: 00371-26701260

It can be that you're asked for the Harmonized Tariff Code by customs. For headphones, this is 8518300090


IMPORTANT! Individual calibration service is NOT supported for earbuds and in-ear headphones! If you are unsure about the type of your headphones, please submit a support request before purchasing the service! Individual calibration requires Sonarworks software to run (sold separately, apart from the hardware-software bundles in our store). There are no physical modifications performed on the headphones as a part of the IHC process - the calibration is done digitally, with a software-based calibration profile.

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