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This article provides information on order returns and product warranty policies for purchases made in the Sonarworks store.


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General returns policies for Sonarworks Store customers

All purchases made in Sonarworks Store are subject to two general returns policies, complying with the Consumer Law and other legal requirements:

  1. 14-day Right of Withdrawal - products purchased in the Sonarworks Store are subject to a no-questions-asked return policy. Any customer can return the purchased product for a full refund within 14 days of the purchase.
  2. Warranty - products purchased in Sonarworks Store are subject to a 2-year warranty policy. Customers can request for their product functionality to be reviewed within the warranty terms.


IMPORTANT! Terms, conditions, and exceptions apply to these policies, learn more below.


14-day Right of Withdrawal

Sonarworks Store customers can return their purchased item within 14 days for any reason - no questions asked. To apply, the customer must reach out to our Support Team within 14 days of the purchase order (or within 14 days from product delivery for physical products, if shipping is involved).

NOTE! For physical product purchases, order cancellation is possible before the order is fulfilled  (dispatched for shipping). Use this option to avoid having to ship the items back: Order cancellation in Sonarworks Store



  • Product bundles containing both software and hardware items cannot be returned separately, they are considered a single product
  • Right of Withdrawal does not apply to Individual Calibration Service
  • Physical items must be shipped back to Sonarworks by the customer at their own expense; see our return address below
  • Refunds for physical products will be issued after the item is returned (in the original packaging) and inspected for any damages
  • Warranty requests adhere to separate sets of conditions, learn more below

Requesting a Right of Withdrawal

To return an item within the 14-day Right of Withdrawal policy, follow these steps:

  1. Submit a support request below, or send an email to orders@sonarworks.com
  2. Include the following information in your request:
    • Sonarworks Store order number
    • Order billing information
    • Product activation key(s), if a software product was purchased
    • Return shipment tracking information, if a physical item/hardware was purchased *
  3. * If a physical item/hardware was purchased, please wait for a response from our Support Team to confirm that the 14-day deadline is met. Once confirmed, ship the item back to Sonarworks address:
    • Sonarworks Ltd.
      3 Smerla street, Building No. 5
      Riga, Latvia, LV-1006
      Phone number to mention in the return address line: 00371-26701260


A refund will be issued after confirming return eligibility, no further action is needed from the customer. After the return request is processed, the license activation key(s) will be revoked and the funds will be transferred back using the same payment method that was used for the purchase. Full details on our 14-day Right of Withdrawal policy can be found here: Sonarworks Legal



Products purchased in the Sonarworks store are subject to a 2-year warranty policy.
Individual calibration service is an exception and the warranty policy does not apply to it.

If you have found a fault in the product or the item doesn’t match the product description, you can request a warranty service.



  • Sonarworks does not process warranty requests for purchases that have been made through third-party sellers. In such purchase cases, you should contact the seller directly. 
  • The warranty is void in cases of product abuse.
  • A lack of software features that were introduced after the initial purchase is not a legitimate argument for a warranty request.

Our customer service team will help you troubleshoot the problem to ascertain whether the fault can be fixed remotely and without causing any additional issues after you have submitted a warranty service request. 


Requesting warranty service

To request warranty service on the software or hardware product you've purchased, follow these steps:

  1. Submit a support request below, or send an email to orders@sonarworks.com
  2. Include the following information in your request:
    • Sonarworks Store order number and order billing information
    • Product activation key(s) if a software product was purchased
    • Description of the issue and when it was first observed
    • Any applicable photos or videos that demonstrate the issue

Depending on each specific case, the item can be repaired, replaced, or reimbursed (if replacement or repair is not viable). Our customer support team will be in contact with you throughout the entire warranty service process. Full details on our Warranty policy can be found here: Sonarworks Legal


Directions for customers of third-party sellers

Third-party sellers have their own warranty and return terms and conditions to which the customer is subjected to. If your purchase was made through a third-party seller, you should reach out to the seller for warranty claims.

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