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If you want to cancel a recently placed order in the Sonarworks store, this guide explains the order cancellation process. 


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Order cancellation for physical product orders

Order cancellation in Sonarworks Store is available for unfulfilled physical product orders, and it can be accessed from the Order Status page. If you have made a mistake when ordering, this will give you a chance to cancel the order before the item is dispatched for shipping.

After an order is fulfilled (dispatched for shipping), the cancellation option will disappear, and hardware shipments can no longer be guaranteed to be stopped upon request. This means the order cancellation option will be available for a varying amount of time, depending on the capacity of our Fulfillment Team at the given moment. 


NOTE! All purchases (both download and physical) can still be returned for a full refund for any reason within the 14-Day Right of Withdrawal, learn more here: Warranty and returns


How to cancel an order

  1. Open the order confirmation email received after completing the order
  2. Click on the View your order button to access the Order Status page
  3. Click on the Cancel button to cancel your order


NOTE! If the Cancel option is not available, this means the item has already been dispatched for shipping. In this case, please proceed by submitting a support request below.






What's next?

After canceling the order, there is no more action required from the customer. The dispatch of any hardware products is stopped, and your cancellation request is forwarded to our Support Team - we will get back to you, confirm the cancellation status, and issue a refund.

Keep in mind that there are no automatic refunds involved when canceling an order. Our Support Team will still have to manually process the involved refunds, license suspensions, etc. - we will take care of everything.

If there is any additional information that you consider necessary in order for us to resolve the matter, please submit a support request below.

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