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Some of the major monitor manufacturers are now including room correction within their monitors, which have internal DSP and measurement systems available to create room profiles. Examples are Neumann and Genelec. The disadvantage of these solutions are that they only cater for their specific brand of monitor, so if you have several pairs of different brand monitors within your studio the solutions are of limited use.

An opportunity exists for Sonarworks to have a small DSP box with a pair of XLR in/out and a TF card slot that could take a measurement profile from SoundID Measure and run it in a DSP to create a correction box for each pair of monitors external to the DAW. This would be handy for non-studio systems too, where there may not be a host to run SoundID to perform room correction.

- Geoff

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Hey Geoff,

Thanks for your post!

Thanks for sharing this product idea and your input! At this time, a DSP box is not being planned in the near future, but I have taken a note of your feedback and our team will take it into account for future improvements. 

We are happy to share some of our current partnerships with MERGING+ANUBIS interface and Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors where the calibration profile can be exported and imported into the Anubis interface or Jones-Scanlon monitors, more information can be found here: Applying calibration on supported devices

We hope to provide more integrations in the future! 

Update: we have released more integration partnerships and we look forward to expanding this list even more. To view more details on our integration partnerships, see our page here: Integrations

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