Channel group selection sidebar for Multichannel

If you have loaded a multichannel profile in the SoundID Reference plugin, a channel selection sidebar will become available. You can close or open the sidebar by clicking on the fader icon located above the frequency graph.

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Highlighting and checking channel groups

There are two ways of selecting channel groups:

Highlight - a group that is clicked on, but not necessarily marked with a checkbox. By highlighting a group, you can view the calibration curves of the selected group. Only one group can be highlighted and viewed at a time. The selected group will be highlighted in a light gray color. 

To view the calibration curves of a specific channel group, simply click on the instance of the relevant group. There is no option to unhighlight a channel group, one group must be highlighted at all times.


Checkbox - a group that is ticked with a checkbox. One, several, or none of the groups can be checked at a time.

To check or uncheck a group, you have to click directly in the checkbox. Ticking or unticking the checkbox does not highlight the group. 



Checkbox individual channel group gain behavior for all target modes 

All ticked channel groups can have gain adjusted simultaneously and respectively to their individual gain values, this behavior is applicable to all target modes: 

  • When a single checked channel group's gain is increased or decreased, the rest of the individual channel group sliders that are also checked retain the ratios they had in respect to each other;
  • If the checked channel groups have different output levels and one of them is being increased, the highest level would stop at the safe headroom or 0db, while the rest of the faders that are below would increase until the same limit is reached;
  • When an unchecked channel group's gain level is modified, it will not affect any other channel groups, checked or unchecked.



For more information on the target modes available in SoundID Reference, see our guide here: Calibration target modes


Checkbox behavior in Custom Target mode (channel group editing)

You can modify one or several channel groups in the Custom Target mode by ticking their respective checkboxes. If the represented target curve (EQ and EQ range curtains) is modified, all checked channel groups adopt the modified target curve.

It is possible to set different gain values, calibration range and EQ for different channel groups by checking the group(s) and making modifications, checking other group(s) and making different modifications. Meaning, custom target is modified only for the checked channel groups and multiple targets for separate channel groups can be made and modified within a single Custom Target user preset.

Each custom target curve created within the specific user preset would be saved as a part of it unless it is modified while checked along with other channel groups and thus overwritten.

If a highlighted channel group has been unchecked in custom target mode, the target curve cannot be modified and serves only a representative function. In order to modify the channel group, you have to tick the checkbox.


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