[WIN] Can I install SoundID Reference in a custom location?

Are custom install locations available?

Yes, the SoundID Reference online installer features an option to assign custom install locations for the software and its components on Windows. Here's how it works:

  1. Download and launch the SoundID Reference online installer
  2. Click on the 'Customize' button
  3. Click on 'Browse' for the component you wish to install in a custom location
  4. Select the location of your choice, and hit OK > Install


NOTE! It is not possible to assign a custom install location for the SoundID Reference standalone app.






Are the custom locations remembered?

Yes, the next time you install an update (or reinstall the software entirely), the previously assigned custom locations will be remembered. There is no need to go into the 'Customize' settings again. 


NOTE! If you do go into the 'Customize' settings again when updating/reinstalling the software, the previously assigned custom locations will be cleared and reverted back to default locations!

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