Why are many popular Bluetooth headphone profiles missing?

Bluetooth headphone profile support in SoundID Reference explained. 


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In-ear & earbud headphone profile support in SoundID Reference

While previously Reference only featured on-ear and over-ear models, now SoundID Reference also includes headphone profiles for popular earbuds and in-ear models too. Learn more here: For listening - new headphone profiles in SoundID Reference

These headphone profiles have already been available on our SoundID app for music listeners, and due to popular user demand, they are now available in SoundID Reference too! 


Why are popular in-ear & earbud headphone profiles still missing?

If you are familiar with the headphone profiles available in SoundID app for music listeners, you will notice that a lot of models (like Apple AirPods, for example) are still missing in SoundID Reference. These are mostly wireless headphone models.

The reason for them being excluded (for now) is Bluetooth issues. SoundID Reference does not yet have a bulletproof mechanism for handling Bluetooth device issues like uncommon sample rate settings and other problems. This means that functionality issues with these models would be very likely.

Bluetooth device handling improvements are planned (no ETA available, unfortunately), and the missing models will be added once the problems are resolved!

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