Can I use an averaged calibration profile on a similar headphone model?

No, we do not recommend using a calibration profile that is not meant for your headphones or your exact headphone model as the results will be inaccurate.

In comparison to individual calibration, an average calibration profile already has a slight shift in accuracy on account of every set of headphones being different, even if they're from the same make and model.


What if my headphone model is not supported?

If your headphones are not listed in our average profile (AVG) library i.e. not supported, that means we didn't get a chance to measure them just yet. To confirm - we need to calibrate 4-5 units of each model to produce the average profile. This process can take some time as we're looking to get a hold of 4-5 units of the same brand/model, and this can be quite challenging. 


Why can't I use an average profile for a similar model?

Technically, you can as the AVG profiles are available for you to use. However, we do not recommend or encourage using an AVG profile from a similar brand or model due to significant and sometimes huge differences between them. In our experience, no two headphone models are alike, even similar and seemingly identical models will often differ significantly in their sound signature. For example, we have measured Beyerdynamics DT 880 Pro (regular/stock) and DT 880 Pro Black Edition. Visually the unit is the same with just a color difference. However, while measuring the units, we have identified a difference in -6dB bass due to different ear pads in use (seemingly identical). 




To conclude, if your headphones are not on the list, please send our support a headphone model request. In addition, you can always look into individual headphone calibration. More details on the service can be found here - Individual Headphone Calibration service.

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