When Swich monitors.... i habe 3 monitor and one i swich it with mac a windows... or when enter to sleep and wake up monitors... The Sound ID no apears on system audios..... sometimes it makes random too, normaly when stay a time without use audio on mac.


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Thanks for reaching out! 
I'm very sorry to hear you are experiencing these issues. 

We are aware of a problem with the SoundID Reference virtual device disappearing or sound being distorted after display sleep, see more details and some tips for workarounds here: No sound or distorted output after computer sleep [MAC]

Our team is working on a fix and hopefully we'll be able to implement it in the upcoming updates.

I did want to confirm about the issue appearing when switching monitors that you noted as well. To confirm, does SoundID Reference disappear from the output list when plugging in or unplugging an external monitor?


Yes i use 3 monitors.... 1 of these monitors i switch with windows system with a hdmi spliter. (Normaly to launch a Audiogridder 32 bits plugs). When switch nomitor it disappear from system audios. The program still opened but the Audio Output is not active on outputs. 
I think it happens when programs likes Whatsapp programs and others launch some sounds.... But its not always it makes ramdonly.
I Normaly use logic puting imput card Rme 800 , Output sound id......
When goes to sleep, it makes too. And when stay lot time with no use... (But not go to sleep).

Normaly open programs on system. Little Snitch, Sound Id, Softube Console One, Uad audio sistem,Dropbox, Waths App web.... And sometimes Jdownloader and Utorrent web.

I hope the solution as soon as possible because it is usually quite cumbersome, especially when you are producing and it happens. Because reload the card in have to close the sound id it again....and reload the audio card in logic....


Finally i do some more test... And it goes out always you insert another sound card on system.... If you make power on machines like, TR8-S or Roland Boutique series, Acces Virus TI or others... (They have sound card) the sound id goes down... The monitor can be the same, normaly hdmi cables detect audio send toooo.... digital sound on mac.




Thanks for providing more information! 

It does sound like the SoundID Reference virtual device might be disappearing in the instances you have described. I will create a support request on your behalf so I can gather some additional details on these issues you have noticed and reported here for further investigation. 


I have been having the same issue, when turning on my Electron Analog Rytm mk2, or Analog 4 mk2 . The latest update (5.3.0) does nothing to resolve this issue.

Im running Monterey on a Mac Studio Max



If it seems that for the people of SONARWORKS... That every time a device in your studio goes to sleep.... a monitor.... Or you simply start a machine, SONARWORKS stops working.... EN A MINOR PROBLEM and they don't fix it in the updates... IT'S INCREDIBLY ANNOYING....... GOING TO HAVE COFFEE THAT THE MONITOR GOES TO REST FOR EXAMPLE AND YOU HAVE TO RESTART LOGIC FOR EXAMPLE.....



Hi Carlos, 

I have followed up on the support request I created some time ago to gather more details. In case you are not receiving my message, please check whether it has been filtered into spam or a promotions folder, that can sometimes happen. Thank you! 


Also have consistent crashing on external display sleep. Monterey 12.4. The SoundID App quits itself and SoundID audio device disappears from list. SoundID 5.3.1 build 178


Hi daneelvdm,

Sorry to hear about this! This is a known issue to our team and I have opened a support request on your behalf to gather more details on your specific case as well. 


Hi all,

I hope you're doing well! 

I wanted to follow up on this post regarding the issues you reported you encountered on your macOS machines. We've released a new SoundID Reference beta version (v5.7.3) which includes a major macOS driver rework and aims to resolve various issues (such as the "Preset Switch Failed" error and sleep issues). 
For more details on the beta and install information, see here: [NEW BETA] macOS driver update beta testing (SoundID Reference beta version 5.7.3.)

If you have the chance to try it out, let us know about your experience with the beta in the community post linked above or reach out to our support team. We'd really appreciate your feedback!

Best regards,

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