Microphone gets lost in localisation during the measuring points


Just bought some new monitoring speaker and i started configuring them with sound id. All the measures seem correct until the last step with the 37 measuring points. Like the first point in my listenning spot is good but when later i have a new measuring point supposed to be near the first one the micro will put it way behind. And it's keeps gueting worse the further i go in the measuring points, there is no sens in the distances.

I already configured my previous monitors (T7v) and i never had that issue, i'm now using brand new a7v and i doubt that there are the cause for that bug. Could my microphone have some sort of damage or a software problem ? 


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Hi teamxtrick, thanks for your post, sorry to hear you are running into some trouble during the measurement process.

I'd recommend making sure that everything has been set up properly for the measurements by going through our checklist here: Stereo speaker measurement troubleshooting guide  

It covers some basic, yet important tips and tricks for a successful measurement. Let us know how it goes!

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