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Mac Studio -  MOTU M64 - fiberoptic to SSL Madi Alpha link,Total of 24 in and outs of analog and 24 ins and out digital. 

7.1.4 setup is working from apple music after creating a 12 output device in loopback. If the OS, Apple Tv of Music app sees more than 12 outputs, it will automatically fold down the mixes to 5.1 . Using loopback seems to be the only solution. It works and sounds fantastic.

Then I did the calibration with SoundID multichannel. It works for Pro Tools as a plugin or copying the settings into the Dolby Atmos bridge, which I did and honestly do not love how it sounds, but that is besides the point. 

Here is the problem: SoundID only shows up as a 2 channel device in "Audio Midi Setup". When enabling the calibration, the OS automatically assigns the sound out to SoundID... now everything is only stereo out of the music and TV app... all surround information is lost.

So, question: 

How do I connect SOUNDID to play through the virtual device I made in loopback called "Atmos OUT" that has the correct 12 channels?

OR reversed... How do I make a SoudID device that the "Atmos output" plays calibrated audio through?

How do you fix Soundid to have 12 outputs... which it should have if it is truly multichannel.? It only shows two. 


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Hi Veit Renn, thanks for your question!

The SoundID Reference standalone app does not support multichannel calibration at the moment. if you load a multichannel profile in the standalone app, it will only provide a stereo calibration. Multichannel calibration support is currently possible only in the plugin format. 

We hope to add multichannel calibration support in the standalone app at some point as well, but currently there is no ETA for this. 

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