Is there a Black Friday virtual monitoring upgrade deal for previous owners of Reference sonarworks speakers and headphones?




jjroxus, thanks for your question!

The Virtual Monitoring add-on is the newest addition to our product selection, unfortunately, it is not on sale during this Black Friday. It is available for purchase for the regular price of EUR/USD 49, find it here: SoundID Reference Virtual Monitoring Add-on | without Software


I am actually a kind of dissatisfied by this, as I understand there is a package discount incliuding VM for new customers. So why not appreciating loyal customers and grant a small discount on the new VM. And, com on, your products are not always stable…😉


At least this year there's nothing for loyal customers to save. No deals for multichannel, no sub integration in Reference, not even a deal for VM. It's sad but it's how this industry seems to work these days. 

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