Output and Presets Disappear After Windows Update


Two or three times now, after I performed updates for Windows 10 Home 22H2, my SoundID Reference output and presets disappeared, and I needed to add them back again. Is this expected to happen because of changes made to Windows during updates, or is it a bug in SoundID?



Hi josh.losey, thanks for your post! Sorry to hear this is occurring! 

The SoundID Reference standalone app should keep your output presets and profiles loaded after performing some updates. Can you let us know whether these were relatively recent Windows updates made? Have you updated SoundID Reference in between these Windows updates? Thanks! 


Yeah, they were recent Windows updates (within the past few months), and I always keep my SoundID Reference up to date.


Hi Team,

My output keep disappearing, when I open the standalone version. and I'm updated to 5.9 on a Mac. Now it's saying no devices found for the selected device type. Please assist.



It's the second time it happened to me (on mac), I lose again all my presets after this automatic updates! It's really, really annoying!

Last time I spoke with one of you and the finality was to restart the entire measurement! I don't want to do this any month!

I will do this again and save my preset somewhere on my computer but could you please fix the problem?..

Thanks you


In case it's helpful: I'm using Reference v5.9.0.37, I just did a Windows Update (KB5032189 & KB5032339), and my output/presets stayed as they should. I'm not sure exactly which previous updates caused SoundID to change. I looked at my update history, and it's possible that KB5031356 and KB5031445 were a couple of culprits. There may have been one or two other problematic updates before those, but I don't remember.


Hey Occibel, I just had this happen as well. Also on Mac and using latest version of SoundID reference.

I had done nothing to my Mac - no updates - just a restart and everything gone from the app. No knowledge it had ever been set up before.

Very frustrating.

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