Have you decided to not do Multichannel System-wide (Mac)


It's been quite a while since I've seen any information on the possible release of a system-wide version of SoundID Reference. Should I assume you have moved on and don't have any plans to release it any time soon?





Hi joeshepard, thanks for your question!

We are still looking to offer multichannel calibration support in the SoundID Reference standalone app, however, at the moment, we don't have any immediate development plans for it, sorry about that. We are taking note of user requests and feedback for multichannel support in the standalone app :) 


This is just appalling of SonarWorks.  Almost as bad as your failed new Mac HAL driver.  I contacted your support before purchasing multichannel some 14 months ago when it was still advertised as coming system wide in 2022.  Support replied and said it would be a free update early 2023 yet now as we get to the end of the year you have no time frame for it?

You now send out emails recommending GingerAudio GCS for Atmos setups yet I specifically asked you guys if I would be able to use SonarWorks Multichannel as a volume controller before a costly purchase and was told "yes".  In fact I think I remember seeing it in one of the FAQs previously.

Up to now I have managed using the attenuation volume control in the external renderer, but with Avid now launching an integrated renderer and this failure by you to deliver what was promised over a year ago how about compensating those of us totally misled your products and development timeline?  Maybe you should deliver GCS licences to all the multichannel users you have let down.

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