No Backup ? No Export or import ? No Duplicate ? - I must be wrong !


Hello All !

I'm trying to setup SoundID Reference for HeadPhones with my.... headphones... weird huh ^^?

I feel like I must be missing something.

I have multiple HeadPhones, to check multiple audio setup ( the purpose of what we do ).
I have multiple Audio Interfaces, the Desk One, The Fractal, the Gigboard, The Laptop's,...


I set a headset, I create multiple profiles, to have a flat, a custom, etc etc....
I set another headset, I set the same profiles.
Let's say I have 6 profiles then.

I plug an Audio Interface to record... Nothing shows up anymore after setting the output...
I go back to the first one, OK.... it's here.

Export the settings and Import  ?
- NO, the software does not allow us.

Backup Config, I mean... a SIMPLE backup and restore config ?
No, the software does not allow us.

OK, I Duplicate the things andmode to another output ?
We can only duplicate NEW PRESETS... like.... the same button as "New Preset", but it is written "copy of", but only on a new one. The Duplicate option disappears when you set anything.

OK... I shut down the computer.
the next morning.
Everything disappered.

I have... no options that to set EVERYTHING once more.
ALL the profiles for ALL the Headsets... for ALL the interfaces ?
laptop headset, laptop speakers, Fractal out, Gigboard Out, MX5 Out, Audiobox Out.

If I want to work on different computers, or resinstall, or lose setup etc.... I don't know any soft that does not allow us tu backup and restore

It CANNOT be possible, I absolutely must be missing something, so I call for you help ^^.

Sorry for the long text, I tried to explain
Thank You !



I've been looking for this feature for a long time... follow


same here! Everything gone! Grrrrr


kinda crazy, no way to export my speaker reference to use on different system. Do I really need to re-profile to use on new computer?


Hi all, thanks for your post and comments here, sorry to hear some issues have been encountered.

Generally speaking, the app should still save your output presets and loaded calibration profiles between reboots, for them to go missing is not an expected behavior. valec666666 I will open up a support request on your behalf regarding this issue, so we can check on it closer (Arno Willemstein, it looks like we opened a ticket with you some time ago regarding a similar issue already).

As a note, your speaker profiles and Custom Target presets are saved on your computer, I can recommend referring to our file locations guide here: File locations of SoundID Reference

You can transfer/share the speaker profiles (.swproj files) as well as the Custom Target presets (.json files) like any other file and use them on your target device. It is not, however, possible to export the calibration data to be compatible with other software or hardware, except for our integration partners: 

With that said, I would also recommend making copies for the speaker profiles to another folder/driver/cloud storage if you have the option for this, just to be on the safe side that there is another backup of your files present if needed.

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