Unable to select my country during checkout

If you're unable to select your country during checkout when making a purchase in the Sonarworks Store, this article provides information on how to resolve the issue.


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Sonarworks Store storefronts (Worldwide/US)

Sonarworks Store uses two storefronts - Worldwide and US. Each storefront has its own currency and shipping destination options during the checkout stage. To avoid any issues with the shipping/billing address, the information below should indicate which storefront is right for you:

  • Sonarworks Store Worldwide
    • Prices are listed in EUR (Euro)
    • Worldwide shipping is available, except the United States
  • Sonarworks Store US
    • Prices are listed in USD (US dollar)
    • Shipping is available to the United States only

Unable to select your country during checkout?

If you are unable to select your country for the shipping/billing address details during checkout, chances are you're visiting the wrong storefront. In most cases, this should be detected automatically, and a pop-up dialog will appear with the option to switch to the correct storefront.

However, if you have dismissed this message, or it hasn't shown up at all (due to using a VPN service, or other reasons), you'll need to switch to the other storefront manually. 




Switching between Worldwide and US stores manually

  1. Return to the Store page, or click on Return to cart if you're in Checkout
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  3. Click on one storefront switch option at the bottom-right corner:

NOTE! Switching between storefronts will clear your cart items - you will have to select and add the needed products to your cart again.


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