MIDI mapping in DAW plugin

Starting with SoundID Reference v.5.2.0 some of the SoundID Reference DAW plugin parameters can be assigned and controlled with MIDI signals in the DAW. In order to use the feature, you must first route a MIDI signal from your controller to the SoundID Reference plugin in your DAW. The instructions to set this up will vary depending on the DAW so please refer to your DAW's manual or online help center for instructions on how to MIDI map third-party plugins. 


The following SoundID Reference parameters can be controlled via MIDI: 

  • Gain
  • Dry/Wet
  • Calibration state (on/off)
  • Mono state (on/off)
  • Mute state (on/off)
  • Safe headroom (on/off)
  • L/R channel swap (on/off)
  • Next preset
  • Previous preset


Please note that it is also possible to MIDI map the SoundID Reference app. Please click here for instructions.

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