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When using a new computer, this article helps to transfer your license. 


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Activation seats

All regular SoundID Reference licenses can be activated and used on 3 devices simultaneously. Education licenses can only be used on 1 device at a time. Transferring a license to another computer can be done from your Sonarworks account.


Transferring your license to a new computer

If you have reached the limit and need to transfer your license to a new computer, you will first need to deactivate the device that is no longer going to be used in your user account. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Click on 'My Account' and select 'Licenses & Devices' 
  2. Find the license that you wish to transfer and click on 'Manage' 
  3.  'Deactivate' next to the device no longer in use
  4. Proceed to activate the license on your new computer


Deactivation limit

There is a deactivation limit in place: 7 deactivation events. When the limit is reached, any further device deactivation can only be done by the Sonarworks support team manually. 


Note: Reinstalling the operating system on your machine or replacing major hardware components (motherboard, hard drive, etc.) can cause it to be recognized as a new computer by the software and might require to be activated again, using a new activation seat.


If you require additional assistance you can reach out to support by submitting a support request below. 

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